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    172005-04Yang-Chih Fu; Yi-Jr Lin019-063 Consistency and Accuracy in the Measurement of Daily Contacts: Surveys and Contact Diaries Compared File download Adobe PDF
    172005-04Pei-Ing Wu; Chia-Ying Lin; Ming-Ta Su065-110 The Characteristics of Protest Responses and Responses with File download Adobe PDF
    172005-04Yung-Ming Hsu111-149 Using Samplemiser to Predict Presidential Elections: Studies of Taiwan and the United States File download Adobe PDF
    172005-04Chung-Ping Cheng; Li-Jen Weng151-173 Effects of Adding Auxiliary Variables to FIML in Structural Equation Models When Data Are Not Missing at Random File download Adobe PDF
    172005-04Shun-Yao Tseng175-201 An Application of Correspondence Analysis for Multiple Response Categorical Data File download Adobe PDF
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