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    292013-04Liang-Ting Tsai; Chih-Chien Yang007-036Heterogeneity of Multi-level Primary Sampling Units on Population Inference in Scientific Research File download Adobe PDF
    292013-04Ming-Huei Cheng; Wen-Jong Juang037-079A Study of Information Consistency and Divergence among Public Perception, Media Reports and Official Statistics: A Case of a Three-in-one Election of Greater Tainan City in 2010 File download Adobe PDF
    292013-04Feng-An Yang; Hung-Hao Chang081-103Do Consumers Really Care about Biodiversity? Large Scale Choice-Experimental Evidence of Genetically Modified Soymilk in Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
    292013-04Hung-Jen Yang; Hsieh-Hua Yang; Cheng-Chung Wang105-121Application of Area Sampling in Surveys File download Adobe PDF
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