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    332015-04Shih-Ting Wu, Wen-Jhan Jane007-032Customer Discrimination in the National Basketball Association File download Adobe PDF
    332015-04Esher Hsu033-070A policy simulation of the impact of increases in both gasoline and electricity prices on the agricultural sector — An application of energy consumption survey data File download Adobe PDF
    332015-04Wen-Hui Ho, Ya-Wen Chiueh071-112Evaluation of the rural tourism recreation value of Sinpu File download Adobe PDF
    332015-04Lee-Chen Chen, Bao-Tzuoh Huang, Zhong-Kai Liou113-156Reexamining the Transformation of I-Lan University's Retail Sales Area into Fair-Organization: A Survey on Consumer Attitudes toward Essential Goods File download Adobe PDF
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