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    232008-04Pei-Chun Hou; Su-Hao Tu; Pei-shan Liao; Yung-Tai Hung; Ying-Hwa Chang007-032 The Typology of Townships in Taiwan:The Analysis of Sampling Stratification of the 2005-2006“Taiwan Social Change Survey” File download Adobe PDF
    232008-04Wei-Jun Jean Yeung; Frank Stafford; Patty Andreski 033-080 Assessing the Quality of Income Data Collected on A Two-Year Periodicity: Experience from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics File download Adobe PDF
    232008-04Pei-Chun Hou081-118 An Analysis of Quasi-refusals in Telephone Survey File download Adobe PDF
    232008-04Ching-Li Yang; Ta-Cheng Li119-154 Estimation and Adjustment of Population Data for Taiwan:1925-1943 and 1951-1997 File download Adobe PDF
    232008-04 155-191 File download Adobe PDF
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