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    372017-04Jen-Jen Tseng, Powen Yeh, Ping-Hung Chou007-051The Willingness to Pay of Environmental Pollution Insurance: An Empirical Study of CPC Franchised Gas Stations File download Adobe PDF
    372017-04Feng-Jeng Lin, Ming-Ren Kang053-096Forecasting Hierarchical Time Series by Using Combined Forecasts File download Adobe PDF
    372017-04Jia-Jane Shuai, Hsinchih Chen, Yao-bin Chen097-154Characteristics and Behavior Analysis of Online Fortune Telling Users—A Data Mining Approach File download Adobe PDF
    372017-04Chung Chin Wu155-194Introducing Factor Mixture Analysis to Evaluate Heterogeneity of Adolescents’ Deviance: Interpretation from Self-Control Theory File download Adobe PDF
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