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    38 社會變遷研究特刊2017-10Eric Chen-hua Yu, Ting-wei Weng009-056Determinants of Political Participation in Taiwan: From A Viewpoint of Citizenship Norms File download Adobe PDF
    38 社會變遷研究特刊2017-10Chao-ju Chen, Yen-wen Peng, Chin-fen Chang057-097 File download Adobe PDF
    38 社會變遷研究特刊2017-10Wei-Pang Wang099-160教育對憂鬱作用的生命歷程和世代模式 File download Adobe PDF
    38 社會變遷研究特刊2017-10Chih-Yuan Weng161-214Physical and Psychological Toll of Credit Card Debt: An Investigation of the Mediating Pathway File download Adobe PDF
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