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    40 社會網絡研究特刊2018-09Tien-Tun Yang, Ray-May Hsung Gendered Adolescent Friendship Networks and Gender Role Attitudes: Social Contexts of Single-Gender and Mixed-Gender Classes File download Adobe PDF
    40 社會網絡研究特刊2018-09Guang-Xu Wang, Yi-Jhen Huang The Study on the Correlation between Social Network, Sense of Community and Community Participation: Comparison of Different Communities’ Experiences of Community Building File download Adobe PDF
    40 社會網絡研究特刊2018-09Thung-Hong Lin, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Keng-Ming Hsu127-166Approaching a World Risk Society? Social Capital, Risk Perception and Risk Coping Behavior in Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
    40 社會網絡研究特刊2018-09Chih-Yao Chang167-210青少年的環境意識與行動:社會影響網絡的機會與限制 File download Adobe PDF
    40 社會網絡研究特刊2018-09Chi-Yi Lin, Ray-May Hsung211-263Trend of Interlocking Networks of Corporate Governance in Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry (2000–2015): Toward Small World Network File download Adobe PDF
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