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    22 2007-10Chyong-Fang Ko; Rueyling Tzeng007-037A Comparative Study of the Spatial Agglomeration of Foreign and Domestic Leading Firms Operating in Taipei File download Adobe PDF
    22 2007-10Cheng-Jui Chen; Wei -Jean Song039-087GIS Survey Research on Measuring the Impact and Benefit of Urban Green Area Amenities by the Hedonic Price Method File download Adobe PDF
    22 2007-10Su-Hao Tu; Pei-Shan Liao089-127Response Effects of Question Order and Response Options in Knowledge Scales File download Adobe PDF
    22 2007-10Rong-jyue Fang; Chia-chien Teng; Chih-chia Chen129-163 The Investigation and Comparative Analysis of Taiwanese and American Opinions about Technology File download Adobe PDF
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