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    422019-04Hung-chia Chen, Siou-huei Ke007-081Selecting the Young Respondents: Adjustment of Random Selection within Household File download Adobe PDF
    422019-04Hung-Lin Tao, Yu-Heng Chiou083-123Sexual Difference on Corruption Tolerance File download Adobe PDF
    422019-04Meng-Li Yang125-164受訪者在調查訪問中所表現的外向特質:它們跟極端回答風格與態度強度的關係 File download Adobe PDF
    422019-04Cheng-hao Pao, Ying-lung Chou165-193Ethnic Voting Behavior of Taiwan’s Indigenous Electorate: A Case Study of the 2012 Mountain Indigenous Legislators Election File download Adobe PDF
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