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    482022-04Ruoh-Rong Yu, Su-Hao Tu007-046The Effects of Attention Checks on Item Response Latency and Questionnaire Completion File download Adobe PDF
    482022-04Ming-Ying Lu, Feng-Ming Chang, Ling-Ling Kueh, Yuk-Ying Tung047-091Teacher Caring, Influence of Student Societies, School Activities and Delinquency File download Adobe PDF
    482022-04Chih-Pei Shen, Ching Chuang, Wan-Yu Liu093-148Using the Choice Experiment to Assess Payment for Forest Ecosystem Services under Land-Use Change File download Adobe PDF
    482022-04Hsiu-Ting Yu149-184Estimating Scale Values of Response Anchors in Likert-type Scales File download Adobe PDF
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