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    202006-10Tsu-Tan Fu; Tsu-Kang Wen; Wen-Han Pan; Hsing-Yi Chang007-043Estimating the Direct Medical Costs of Obesity in the Chu-Dong and Pu-Chi Areas of Taiwan using the Cost of Illness Approaches File download Adobe PDF
    202006-10Hsin-Mu Chen; Chia-Ying Lin; Min-Ko Chiu045-091Household Structure and Random Selection within Household in Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
    202006-10Lee-Jung Lu; Fu-Sung Chiang093-119A Qualitative Analysis of the Consumer Perception and Acceptance of GM Foods:An Application of the Focus Group Discussion Method File download Adobe PDF
    202006-10Su-Chen Hung121-168 Mother's Perceptions on the Needs of Child Witnesses in Family Violence:Focus Group and Grounded Theory Methods File download Adobe PDF
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