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    TitleMother's Perceptions on the Needs of Child Witnesses in Family Violence:Focus Group and Grounded Theory Methods
    Issue No.20
    Publish Date2006-10
    Author NameSu-Chen Hung
    AbstractThe aim of this study is to explore how the mothers who are involved in family violence perceive children’s needs in such an environment . Witnessing violence between parents may affect children’s emotions, behaviors, cognition development , interpersonal relationships and world views (Edleson 1999;Lemmey 2001;McCoskey 1999;Margolin and Elana 2000;Veenema 2001;洪素珍2003;黃群芳2003) .These effects may continue into adulthood. Therefore, it is important to help children deal with the effects. Since the mother plays a significant role in caring for children, even when experiencing family violence, it is vital to study such mothers’ understanding of their children’s needs .A focus group was developed ,in which mothers who have experienced significant family violence were invited to participate. The group discussed how participants understood and handled their children’s needs during and after family violence. The main findings are as follows: The mothers indicated that the needs of their children include the desire for safe place to live ,being understood, learning about the concept of violence, learning non-violent interpersonal relationships, and healing traumatic emotions. Their children’s traumatic experiences affected their physical, behavioral and emotional developments, as well as their feelings about safety.
    Keywordsfamily violence;child witness ;focus group;grounded theory
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