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    TitleA Qualitative Analysis of the Consumer Perception and Acceptance of GM Foods:An Application of the Focus Group Discussion Method
    Issue No.20
    Publish Date2006-10
    Author NameLee-Jung Lu; Fu-Sung Chiang
    AbstractIn order to better understand how consumers think about GMOs and/or GM foods, the use of information from consumer focus group is indispensable. In particular, the information about consumer perception and knowledge of GMOs and/or GM foods is very limited when compared to the progress of biotechnology. In this study, two focus group discussions were conducted to collect the information of consumers’ perception and acceptance of GM foods in Taiwan. Results show that the focus group participants considered themselves “informed” about GM foods and/or GMOs. However, most of them were unable to define GMO and/or GM food well. The degree of acceptance of GMOs and/or GM foods is not different significantly between the two focus groups. Results also show that the opinions to accept or reject GMOs and/or GM foods are mixed because of the focus group participants were uncertain and unfamiliar with the biotechnology of GMOs and/or GM foods. Thus, it is very important to educate the public about GM technology with accurate scientific information and to establish communication linkages among scientists, industries, and consumers.
    KeywordsFocus Group Discussion;GM foods;Consumer Perception
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