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    TitleHousehold Structure and Random Selection within Household in Taiwan
    Issue No.20
    Publish Date2006-10
    Author NameHsin-Mu Chen; Chia-Ying Lin; Min-Ko Chiu
    AbstractHouseholds are usually sampled as an intermediary units to locate the individual persons in modern sample survey. Then, random selection of members within household is one of the major activities in household survey administration. Since Kish’s recommendation in 1949, several approaches of selecting household members, have been adopted in survey practices. However, the generated random samples tend to be biased. Furthermore, household structures dramatically change in the last several decades. These developments complicate the issues of within-house-hold sampling. This study attempts to compare various within-household sampling methods and their performances. We simulate and generate samples by using various selection methods. The generated samples are compared to the population to evaluate their representation. We conclude that weighting is a necessary step in data processing to compensate the bias generated from within-household sampling.
    Keywordswithin-household sampling;census;weighting;household structure
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