Journal paper
TitleInterview Style and Response Quality
Issue No.30
Publish Date2013-10
Author NameSu-Hao Tu
AbstractStandardized interview has been adopted for several decades to reduce response bias derived from interviewer-related errors. There has been debate over the extent to which standardized interview can be flexible in the literature. The feasibility of flexible interview is still uncertain due to the difficulty of observing interview interaction which is mostly dependent on the interviewer. While previous studies have not come to any conclusion, there is none of the related study in Taiwan. This study takes interviewer feedback regulated in standardized telephone interview as an example to examine whether flexible feedback behavior can improve response quality among factual, social desirable and personal sensitive questions. The results integrate quantitative data with qualitative data show that the percentage of invalid response is lower in the interview with flexible feedback than that in standardized interview but opposite trend was found in response bias. Two-level Hierarchical Poisson Regression Model shows that interview style exerts no significant effect of on the occurrence of invalid response to social desirable and personal sensitive questions but significantly influences whether response bias repeatedly occurs on the attitudes toward marriage. The chance of having response bias is higher in flexible interview than that in standardized interview. The present findings are similar to previous findings on more response bias in personal interview than in standardized interview but deviant from the results based on the same design of experiment in the previous studies. More experimental studies on the theory of motivation and ingratiation are needed.
KeywordsInterview Style; Standardized Interview; Flexible Interview; Interviewer Feedback; Response Quality
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