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TitleModelling and Examining Consumer Attitudes toward Genetically Modified Products in Taiwan: Using a Generalized Behavior Framework
Issue No.30
Publish Date2013-10
Author NameTsu-Tan Fu, Su-Yuan Lu, Mei-Ying Huang
AbstractThis paper intends to investigate the behavior of Taiwanese consumer attitudes toward genetically modified products. We develop a generalized framework and empirically exam such consumer behavior in Taiwan. Our results find that the indirect-effect model with mediating variables explains Taiwanese acceptance of genetically modified products better than that from the direct-effect model. The mediating variables such as perceived risk and perceived benefit play vital role in explaining the influences of consumer attitudes toward nature and environment, knowledge in genomic technology, and trusts to institutions and governments on the acceptance of genetically modified products. We also find that the important factors underlying such acceptance behavior may vary by genetically modified product.
Keywordsgenetically modified product; Taiwan; consumer acceptance; mediating effect
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