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    TitleTime is Money: A Comparison of the Cost of a Dual-Frame Telephone Survey Based on the Length of Interview
    Issue No.43
    Publish Date2019-10
    Author NameHung-chia Chen
    AbstractBecause of the calling fee, cell phone surveys are expected to be more expensive than land phone surveys. This study examined this assumption by analyzing data from a dual-frame telephone survey on consumer intentions. Contrary to the expectation, the results indicate that the cost of cell phone surveying was lower than land phone surveying because the length of cell phone interviews was shorter. This can be attributed to the fact that cell phone surveys do not need to conduct random selection within a household, and the respondents of cell phone surveys are usually younger and have higher levels of education. Given that the potential for non-coverage bias continues to increase as the cell-only population grows, this study suggests that it is necessary to adopt dual-frame telephone surveying. At a minimum, the cost of cell phone surveys should no longer be a crucial concern.
    Keywordsrandom selection within household, cell phone survey, land phone survey, survey cost, dual-frame telephone survey
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