Journal paper
TitleFactors Influencing Non-Response on Voter Intentions
Issue No.15
Publish Date2004-04
Author NameTsai-Yu Lin; Yung-Tai Hung; Yu-Ting Cheng
AbstractConducting survey research has been a common practice In the field of social science. When implementing questionnaires sur¬vey, it is quite usual for researchers to encounter the non-response feedback which inevitably has some statistical impacts when analyzing and interpreting the results. This research is dir¬ected solely to study the effects of sensitive questions on the voter intentions which may have caused the voters' non-response reactions. The two statistical methods used in this study are Chi Square test and Logit analysis. Furthermore, this paper has put an effort in establishing a model for explaining the non-response problem in order to aid the researchers becoming oriented with the possible impact, be it negatively or positively, on the results of survey research in Taiwan. The factors influencing the non-respondent problem are quite consistent with the previous findings of other scholars except for some variables which may interact with interviewees' political attitude on vote intention questions.
KeywordsSensitive Questions;Item Non-Response ;Vote Intention;Interviewer's Effect
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