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TitleA Study on the Order of the Degree of Urbanization among the Lo Chi-Hon Strata of Taiwan Counties
Issue No.15
Publish Date2004-04
Author NameLung-An Li
AbstractRecently, Lo Chi-Hon stratification of Taiwan counties (1992) has been used widely in some important sample surveys, for example, in the "The Basic Social Change Survey of Tai¬wan". In addition to Taipei City, Kaoshung City, and five Provin¬cial Cities, there are seven other strata in Lo's stratification, namely "Newly Emerging Counties", "Mountain Rural Counties", "Industrial and Commercial Cities", "Composite Function Cities", "Hill Rural Counties", "Remote Rural Counties", and "Service Function Counties". These ten strata are diversifying and delicate, however, the order of the degree of urbanization among strata is not mentioned in the Lo (1992) paper. This leads to the ambiguity to reach a uniform conclusion about the effect due to urbanization by different strata for any researches from the analysis of sample surveys using Lo Chi-Hon Stratification. This paper studies the issue of the order of the degree of urbani¬zation among Lo Chi-Hon strata of Taiwan counties, and attempts to provide a order of the degree of urbanization among these strata for researchers.
KeywordsUrbanization; Stratification; Ordering
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