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    TitleManpower Utilization Quasi-longitudinal Survey: Construction of Database,Applications,and Future Developments
    Issue No.13
    Publish Date2003-04
    Author NameJi-Ping Lin; Ying-Hwa Chang
    AbstractIn order to overcome data constraint of research, the authors construct two huge databases, Manpower Utilization Quasi-longitudinal Survey (MUQLS) as well as Non-overlapped Man¬power Utilization Pooled Data (NOMUPD), based on the 1979¬2001 Manpower Utilization Surveys (MUS) of Taiwan. The construction of MUQLS and NOMUPD is mainly implemented through SAS v8.1. MUQLS is essentially longitudinal, including more than 530 thousand individuals, while NOMUPD remains cross-sectional in nature, including around 790 thousand individ¬uals. Out major contributions in constructing these databases are that MUQLS is not only fairly cost-efficient relative to ordinary longitudinal surveys, but also helps us overcome many research constraints; moreover, NOMUPD helps us reduce the conventional danger of selection bias when using the pooled MUS data. In addition to sharing our experiences in constructing MUQLS and NOMUPD, this article also uses a simple example to demon¬strate the potential importance of MUQLS and NOMUPD in aca¬demic researches. In the end, some suggestions are proposed for future developments, including (1) establishment of standardized procedures in extending the MUQLS and NOMUPD, (2) construction of Generalized Quasi-longitudinal Human Resources Survey (GQLHRS) based on the existing techniques in constructing MUQLS, (3) setup of user-friendly interface on the internet to help the sharing of data, and (4) opening-up source codes to public access and establishment of user forum and feedback mechanism.
    Keywordslongitudinal survey; cross-sectional survey; quasi-longitudinal survey; Manpower Utilization Survey
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