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    TitleThe Effect of Cross-questioning on Self-reports in a Survey of Environmental Behavior
    Issue No.10
    Publish Date2001-10
    Author NameSan-Pui Lin; Shih-I Cheng
    AbstractOften, studies have measured people's environmental behav咀 ior with self-reports. Despite concern has been raised for the accuracy or validity of such reports, few studies have examined or tried to control the quality of their participants' self-reports This study tested the effect of cross-questioning on people's selfreport of their environmental behavior. Two hundred college students participated in a survey. Half of them were merely asked about the frequency of their behavior, and the other half were further questioned about the behavior details. Results suggested that though both groups might have over-reported or over-estimated their proenvironmental behavior, the crossquestioned group were less likely to do so. Moreover, though factor analysis failed to show that the cross-questioning questionnaire was more reliable than the no-cross-question questionnaire, the former did provide useful information to check the quality of self -reports.
    Keywordsenvironmental behavior; self-report questionnaire;cross-question
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