The latest issue of Survey Research, Volume 44, has been published!

Survey Research - Method and Application
Survey Research—Method and Application
April 2020 / NUMBER 44


Research Article
Monitoring Interview Duration for Survey Quality Control / Shu-Hui Hsieh, Ming-Yung Lee......7

Research Article
Disparity in Resource Allocation between Community Care Centers and the Demand Population in Taiwan: An Evaluation Conducted by Geographic Accessibility / Ming-Hseng Tseng, Hui-Ching Wu.........41

Research Article
Using National Health Insurance Database for Sampling Surveys / Jack C. Yue, Yu-Min Chien, Yin-Yee Leong.........97

Research Note
Hedonic and Descriptive Sensory Evaluation and Analysis — An Application to Taiwan Alpine Tea / Li-Hsien Chien, Shu-Yi Chi, Chin-Nien Tai, Cheng-Chung Huang.........131
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