The latest issue of Survey Research, Volume 43, has been published!

Survey Research - Method and Application
Survey Research—Method and Application
October 2019 / NUMBER 43


Research Article
The Effect of Question Format: 
A Study in Political Knowledge / Chiung-chu Lin, Yi-bin Chang, Shiow-duan Hawang, Jun-deh Wu......7

Research Article
Reconsidering the Measure of Educational Attainment: A Panel Study of Undergraduates’ Political Knowledge and Attitudes
Kuang-hui Chen.......45

Research Article
Influence of Corporate Image and Service Quality on the Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention of Exhibitors / Li-hsien Chien, Shu-yi Chi...... 89
Research Note
Time is Money: A Comparison of the Cost of a Dual-Frame Telephone Survey Based on the Length of Interview / Hung-chia Chen......... 135
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