Editorial Policy

The journal's editorial principles are to provide high-quality scholarly articles for the research community, to foster open and diverse discussion, and to publish original research findings.

The editor-in-chief of Survey Research — Method and Application is a senior scholar in the field of survey research, the editor-in-chief is a researcher at the publishing unit, and the editorial board is composed of members from different fields, in order to provide a comprehensive view of this cross-disciplinary subject.

The diversity of the journal is also reflected in the types of authors and manuscripts. The authors' qualifications include professors, doctoral students, master students, etc. The manuscripts include research in survey methods and applications of survey data analysis. There is no fee for submissions, but strict ethical guidelines must be followed.

The journal aims for a speedy yet high-quality review process that is normally completed within 2-3 months for an initial review and within 1-2 months for a revision.

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