Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

I. Categories of Manuscripts

1. Blind peer-reviewed research manuscripts

(1) Research articles: original academic research articles that have not been published; fields of research include qualitative and quantitative research methodology and survey data application and analyses in all disciplines.

(2) Research notes: timely articles on important research discoveries, theoretical developments, or concept discussions prompted by data analyses.

2. Other: introductions on survey research plans, presentations of survey research results, or survey research institution reports.


II. Style and Formatting

1. Manuscripts in both Chinese and English are accepted year-round.

2. Chinese manuscripts should be written in horizontal format and page numbers indicated. MingLiU font should be used for Chinese manuscripts, Times New Roman for English, and twelve-point font size with 1.5 line spacing.

3. Research articles should not exceed 20,000 words, and research notes should not exceed 10,000 words, except for special cases.

4. Please include the following in the submission:

(1) Title page: article title, abstract, and keywords in Chinese and English, article category, word count, name of author(s), affiliation, department, and title at time of article completion , acknowledgments, and contact address and phone number of author(s). If multiple authors are listed, please indicate one author as the primary point of contact.

(2) Limit the abstract to 400 words in Chinese and 500-600 words in English; there should be five keywords maximum.

(3) Main body of article: remove all personally identifiable information.

(4) Citations, tables, figures, and appendices: citations should be consistent with the article index; tables, figures, and appendices should be numbered consistently with main text.

5. Please refer to the journal’s format templates for other style and formatting guidelines.


III. Review Process

1. Once a manuscript is received, the editorial board will make an initial assessment on whether the article is suitable for peer review. If not, the editorial board will return the manuscript after stating the reasons for rejection. Upon initial approval for review, two or more scholars in relevant fields will be invited to conduct blind peer review of the submitted research article or research note.

2. In general, the review should be completed within three months and the author(s) notified.

3. The author(s) is requested to respond or revise the article in accordance with suggestions made by the anonymous reviewers. Manuscripts accepted by the journal should be formatted and styled according to the journal guidelines for publication. The journal reserves the right to revise the wording and format of the manuscript.


IV. Copyright and Fees

1. The journal does not consider published manuscripts. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently for review is unacceptable.

2. Once the manuscript has been published, the copyright will then belong to the journal. If the paper is to be reproduced elsewhere, the consent of the journal must first be obtained.

3. The authors should assume sole responsibility for the opinions expressed in the published article. There is no submission fee and no remuneration to contributors.

4. All accepted manuscripts will be published with open access, at no cost to the author. The corresponding author must sign a License to Publish form on behalf of the other authors.

5. The journal will provide gratis to each author two current issues of the journal with the published paper; offprints of the paper will not be provided. A PDF file of the paper will be provided electronically via e-mail or a download link instead.

V. Manuscript Submission

Submit online: http://srma.survey.sinica.edu.tw/

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