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Special Issue of Data Science
October, 2020/ Volumn 45
Chen-Chao Tao, Jen-Ho Chang
Applications and Trends of Big-data and AI Methods in Behavioral and Social Sciences
Tsung-Ren Huang
Interpretation of Daily Human Behavior via Smartphone Digital Footprints: Examples from Smartphone Use, Sleeping Patterns, and Working Hours
Ting-Wei Chiang, Si-Yu Chen, Yu-Hsuan Lin
The Revision of the Chinese Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count Dictionary 2015
Wei-Fang Lin, Chin-Lan Huang, Yi-Cheng Lin, Chia-Ling Lee, James W. Pennebaker
A Computational Text Analysis on the Core Issues for Public Servants: Evidence from the PTT
Mao Wang
Dialogue from Experience: Exploring the Theoretical Basis and Application Challenges of Computational Social Science
Chen-Yi Yu

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