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Asia-Pacific Research Forum No. 68 has just been published

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The latest issue of Asia-Pacific Research Forum has just been published by the Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies (CAPAS), RCHSS. Articles in this issue (No. 68) include:
1.    Yuk Wah Chan & Kendra W. Y. Ng, Food Boundaries, Pandemic, and Transborder Relations: Hong Kong’s Food Localism and Colored Consumption
2.    May Ting Beh, Koping with Changing Times: The Viability of George Town’s Kopitiams for Modern Consumers
3.    Ping Lin & Dong-Yu Lin, Unpacking the Black Box: The Taiwan and Indonesia Relationship in the Cold War (1949–1971)
4.    Yu Szu-Tu, Interconnections between Local NGOs in Myanmar: A Case Study on “The Joint Strategy Team for Humanitarian Response in Kachin and Northern Shan States”

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