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2022-07-28*CAPAS─ 「Transboundary Crossing and Circulation Workshop: Southeast Asian Regional Histories, Cultural Networks, and Foodways」129
2022-06-09*CAPAS--2022 Trans-boundary Crossing and Circulation Forum:「Monks in Motion: Buddhism and Modernity Across the South China Sea」/ Dr. Jack Meng-Tat Chia(National University of Singapore)109
2022-03-25*CAPAS─ 「2022 Young Scholars’ Workshop on Southeast Asian Studies」1703
2021-03-02*CAPAS— Seminar Series: New Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Societies:「從「隸臺」到「固有」:中華民國聲索南沙論據之演變」/ Dr. Chung-Ting Huang(Assistant Research Fellow, Division of Chinese Politics, The Institute for National Defense and Security Research)424
2021-02-23*CAPAS— 2021 AS-SSRC Academic Writing Workshop for International Publication548
2020-12-11*「A Forum on Electoral Politics in Southeast Asia」【Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies】241
2020-11-25*CAPAS─ 「2020 Young Scholars’ Workshop on Southeast Asian Studies」275
2020-11-23*CAPAS— 2020 Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan286
2020-10-15CAPAS - Seminar Series:「Disciplining the Accepted, Amputating the Deviant: Religious Nationalism and Segregated Citizenship in Indonesia」/ Dr. Deasy Simandjuntak(Associate Fellow, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)154
2020-10-05*CAPAS─ 「2020 Trans-boundary Migration and Circulation Forum」164
2020-09-08*CAPAS— Seminar Series: New Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Societies:「Keepers of the Grave: Ritual Guides, Ghosts and Hidden Narratives in Indonesian History」/ Dr. Kar Yen Leong(Department of Global Politics and Economics, Tamkang University)107
2020-09-03*CAPAS— Seminar Series: New Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Societies:「病者的呢喃-當代太魯閣族糖尿病患的疾病糾結」/ Dr. Hung-Yu Ru(Associate Professor, Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development, National Dong Hwa University)126
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