Asia-Pacific Research Forum
TitleAsia-Pacific Research Forum No. 67
Editor/AuthorEdited by Shiuh-Feng Liu
Date of publication2020-06-30
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IntroductionJapan’s Invasion of Burma (1940–42) and the Role of Taiwan
Ming-Li Hsiao & Hong-Yuan Chu

Temple Shrine, Heroic Spirit and Anthill: Diverse Practices of Datuk Gong Cult in Sabah

Bernard Ng Jia Han

Research Note:
The Development and Features of Taiwan’s Southeast Asian Studies: Thematic Analysis of Asia-Pacific Research Forum (1996–2019), Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies ( 2004–2017) and MA /PhD theses (2008–2019
Khay-Thiong Lim & Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

Research Note:
The Pilgrimage to Mount Kawakarpo: A Metaphor for Bardo?

Katia Buffetrille

Book Review: China’s Footprints in Southeast Asia

Chia-Chien Chang

Book Review
Ian Tsung-yen Chen

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