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Forthcoming Papers

No. Title Author
1 The Globalization of Yiguandao: From Taiwan, Malaysia to the UK Hung-Jen Yang
2 Deliberation in Social Movement: A Comparison of the D-Street in the Sunflower Movement and the General Assembly in the Wild Strawberry Movement Yu-Sheng Lin
3 Ethnic Language Proficiency of Indigenous Peoples Under Social Changes: The Impact of Marriage and Migration Patterns Chien-chia Liu
Ying-hwa Chang
4 Intermarriages around the Hoklo-Hakka Borders, 1905-1945 Ko-Hua Yap
5 Cooperation under the EU-China Systemic Rivalry Cho-Hsin Su
 6 Hungary’s Democratic Recession and the Impasses of EU Governance: A Challenge to Economic Liberalism  Chih-Mei Luo
J33N018 Exchange Rate Pass-through Analysis using Industrial Import Price Indices in Taiwan Ching-Ting Huang
Fu-Jun Xiao
Ming-Jen Chang
JS32N008 Dynamic Retirement Patterns and the Duration of Working Life Hui-chen Wang
Ming-Feng Hsieh
JS32N004 Property Tax Capitalization—Evidence from the Municipal Merger Reform in Taiwan Da-Kai Wu
Yi-Shin Chen
Joe Chen
Shi-Wan Lou
J32N056 Attitudes toward Getting a House before Marrying for Unmarried Men and Women in Taiwan Pei-Syuan Lin
Pi-Chun Hsu
J33N025 “Institutional Similarity Effect” or “Selection Effect”? Revisiting the Relationship between “Political Institution Similarity” and “Militarized Interstate Disputes” in the Democratic Peace Effects Chien-wu Hsueh
J32N064 The Women Who Guarded the Ancestral Fire: Sovereign Practices of Indigenous Women after Typhoon Morakot Chin-ju Lin
J33N002 Mobilizing Judicial Independence: The Dynamic Development and Impact of Internal Mechanisms in Taiwan Ching-fang Hsu
J33N036 Compromised Collectives vs. Greedy Individuals: The Interplay between Transparency, Accountability, and Corruption Ming-feng Kuo
Linxiu Jiang
Hsini Huang
J33N009 Europe Taiwanese Immigrants’ Experiences of Microaggressions and Coping Strategies adopted before/after the COVID-19 Pandemic Hsien-Ming Lin
Yu-Hsien Sung
J33N059 The Challenges of the EU’s Approaches to Address China’s Unfair Trade Practices: The Issue of Transnational Subsidies Catherine Li
J33N022 Making the Breast: Medical Discourse and Bodily Experiences of Breast Cancer Patients Fei-Wen Cheng
J33N049 A Preliminary Research on the Social Context, Cross-Networking and Voting Behavior of the Hakka Group: The case of the Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election Yen-chen Tang
J33N040 The Effect of the Minimum Wage on Employment in Taiwan—Evidence from 2013~2018 Mey Huang Huang
Szu Ting Chou
J33N055 Tibetans in Taiwan: The Struggles towards Immigrant Trauma and Social Work Intervention Hsiang-I Teng
J33N013 Music, Institutions and Identity: How China’s People’s Music (1950-2019) Represented Taiwan’s Popular Music Chun-Ming Huang
 J33N064 Social Structure of Accumulation and the Labor Policy in Taiwan: The Case Study of the Act for Worker Protection of Mass Redundancy  Chien-Ju Lin
 J33N066 The Influence of Family Language in Childhood on Educational Achievement  Ko-Hua Yap
J33N039 The Micro-Foundation of the National Health Insurance in Taiwan: An Empirical Examination Chung-Yang Yeh
Zuo-Ying Lin
Jen-Der Lue
J33N046 When Gentrification Meets City Shrinking: Comparing the Historic Districts of Xinzhuang, Monga and Dadaocheng Po-fen Tai
J34N011 The Paradox of Tolerance: Contemporary Art and Social Norms Yi-Chun Chen
J33N075 Freedom and Trust:Two Models of Political Order Ya-tang Hsu
J33N067 Algorithmic Trading: Modes of Rationality Enhancement and Their Limitations Among Non-Professional Investors Yu-Hsiang Chen
J34N017 Covid-19 Pandemic and Community Mobilization in Rural Region: Case Study of Alishan Township Tsuey-Ping Lee
Ko-Hsuan Lu
Tzu-An Chen
J33N068 Differences in Job Satisfaction among Public and Private Sector Employees in Taiwan: Sector-specific Tenure as a Moderator Ching-En Chan
Ruoh-Rong Yu
Tsung-Wei Hung

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