Forthcoming Papers

Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy

Number Title Author
202006 A Review of the Transfer Problem: Keynes, the Versailles Treaty, and the German Reparations  Tai-kuang Ho
Kuo-chun Yeh
 202006 The Theoretical Dilemma of "Revising Republicanism" and "Neo- Republicanism" and Its Causes  Hsiu-Ling Liu
 202006 An Empirical Study on the Forecast Performance of Tax Revenue in Taiwan  Joe Che
Pei-Hsuan Yang
Shih-Chang Huang
 202006 Who Supports Same-sex Marriage? Exploring the Mass Bases of Same-sex Marriage Issue in Taiwan  Pei-ting Lin
202003 Political Emotions and Electoral Participation: An Empirical Analysis of the 2012 and 2016 Taiwan’s Presidential Elections Kuan-chen Lee
202003 The Impact of Family Income Classes on Entrepreneurial Decisions in Taiwan Chu-chia Lin
Ming-hsuan Lee
Pei-yi Lin
202003 Ethnic Status Inheritance in Aboriginal-Han Marriages and Families: The Inference of Gender and Quantity of Offspring Chien-Chia Liu
Ying-Hwa Chang
202003 Intermediaries and Interventions of NGOs in the Cold War: Southeast Asian Culture Propaganda of CFA and TAF (1951-1959) Mei-Hsiang Wang
201912 Product Differentiation and Spatial Competition Between Movie Theaters: Evidence from Taipei Yu-Hsi Liu
Chien-Yuan Sher
201912 Local Public goods with Land Costs and Industrial Agglomeration Jyh-Fa Tsai
Wei-Ming Lin
Chian-Yue Wang
201912 Type of Infrastructure, Economic Integration, and Foreign Direct Investment Yi-Jie Wang
Kuang-Cheng Andy Wang
Wen-Jung Liang
201912 On Legality and Legitimacy of the Right of Resistance in Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy―A Heterodox Reading (in Chinese) Hsin-pai Chen
201912 Does College Degree Still Pay? A Causal Analysis of the Impact of College Expansion on Earnings and Occupational Prestige in Taiwan (in Chinese) Ping-Yin Kuan
Ssu-Chin Peng
Seongsoo Choi
201912 Patent Rights Protection and High-Tech Exports:New Evidence from Taiwan Judy Hsu
Jong-Rong Chen
201912 “The Paradox of Human Rights” and “the Rights of the Rightless”: Žižek on the Radical Politicization of Inhuman (in Chinese) Hsing-Yi Chiang
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