::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 07, Number 01, 1995

1Large Oligopolistic Competition and the Economic Effects of Relaxing Import Quotas: A General Equilibrium Analysis
 Wen-jung Liang、Chao-cheng Mai
 Abstract    PDF    (1.5 MB)   (Downloads: 905)

27An Integrated Environmental-Economic Multi-Objective Programming Model for Taiwan
 Hao-yen Yang、To-farWang
 Abstract    PDF    (2.5 MB)   (Downloads: 1201)

65Working Wives and Earnings Distributions: The Case of Taiwan
 Jong-rong Chiou
 Abstract    PDF    (2.4 MB)   (Downloads: 995)

101The Conception of a Viable National Pension Program -Considering the Effects of Population Change, Labor Force Participation and Financial Arrangements
 Chingli Yang
 Abstract    PDF    (1.5 MB)   (Downloads: 1062)

123Naval Lumberjacks and Tree-felling Activities in Taiwan under the Qing, 1683-1875
 Kuo-tung Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (3.1 MB)   (Downloads: 2127)

159The Unfair Methods of Competition and the Unfair or Deceptive Acts under Sec. 5 of the US FTCA
 Kung-chung Liu
 Abstract    PDF    (2.6 MB)   (Downloads: 1397)

 Jer-sheng Shieh
 Abstract    PDF    (2.5 MB)   (Downloads: 1180)

223Welfare Rights and the Politics of Using Others
 Kuo-hsien Hsu
 Abstract    PDF    (1.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1020)

247Voter's Political Cognition and Voting Behavior
 Huoyan Shyu
 Abstract    PDF    (3.4 MB)   (Downloads: 1221)

289An Economic View on the Political Stability along the Taiwn Strait over the Independence / Unification Issue
 Shu G. Wang
 Abstract    PDF    (2.2 MB)   (Downloads: 867)

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