::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 10, Number 02, 1998

157Family and Social Resource Allocation: Phenomena and Understanding
 Ruey-Ling Chu
 N/A     PDF    (158.1 KB)   (Downloads: 965)

161Gender and Poverty: The Effects of the Distribution of Resources within Household on Poverty
 Annie Lee
 Abstract    PDF    (2.6 MB)   (Downloads: 1251)

191Economic Security and Pension Policy for the Elderly in Taiwan: A Preliminary Examination of Social Exclusion
 Yeun-wen Ku、Yi-chang Chan
 Abstract    PDF    (2 MB)   (Downloads: 1638)

227Stressor in Late Life, Social Supoorts, and the Mental and Physical Health of the Elderly
 Yuh-huey Jou、Wen-shan Yang、Yi-li Chuang
 Abstract    PDF    (3.3 MB)   (Downloads: 1373)

267Money Income Among The Elderly in Taiwan: Changes and Determinants during 1989-93
 Mei-lin Lee、Shiang-ping Wang
 Abstract    PDF    (2.1 MB)   (Downloads: 938)

289On Aristotle's Best Rgime
 Will K. M. Chuang
 Abstract    PDF    (2.9 MB)   (Downloads: 2300)

319Labor Market Policy in Taiwan and in Germany: Focusing on the Employment Service Policy
 Jen-ti Huang
 Abstract    PDF    (3.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1465)

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