::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 13, Number 01, 2001

1A Study on Optimal Vote Allocation Strategy within an Organization for Single Voting System
 Yun-cheng Huang
 Abstract    PDF    (2 MB)   (Downloads: 1059)

33Research on the Status of Government Enterprise Staff under Public Servant Law and Privatization Law
 Chiao-ching Hsu
 Abstract    PDF    (3 MB)   (Downloads: 4619)

65A Thing Sold Twice: Efficient Breach of Contract or Tortious Interference with Contract
 Tze-shiou Chien
 Abstract    PDF    (2.2 MB)   (Downloads: 835)

89Institutional Restructuring of Spatial Management in Taiwan
 Tsu-lung Chou
 Abstract    PDF    (4.3 MB)   (Downloads: 1153)

133Author's statement 1
 Ching-jyuhn Luor
 N/A     PDF    (0 )   (Downloads: 34)

134Author's statement 2
 Chu Te-lan
 N/A     PDF    (0 )   (Downloads: 36)

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