::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 16, Number 01, 2004

----     Cover
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1A Study on the Vertical Division of the Power of Public Revenus and Expenditures Determination
 Chun-chieh Hwang
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43The Financial Supervision of Local Governments in France
 Chen Chwen-wen
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73On the Division of Powers and Financial Burden between the Central and Local Government -An Inquiry about the Share of Subsidy for Premium and a Critical Review of the Council of Grand Justices' Interpretation No. 550
 Chien-Liang Lee
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117Michel Foucault on Power and Subject
 Shu-fen Lin
 Abstract    PDF    (5.8 MB)   (Downloads: 1746)

151The Assumption of Unitary Actors and Theory Party and Faction Competition under the Single Non-Transferable Vote
 Tsung-Wei Liu
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----     Appendix
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