::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 16, Number 04, 2004

----     Cover
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487The Price Elasticity of Demand for Taiwan's Lottery Tickets: The Estimation under Random Selection and Conscious Selection
 Mei-yin Lin、Jue-shyan Wang
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505Investment, Subsidy, and Audit in Environmental Protection
 Ruey-ji Gou、Taychang Wang
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533The Effects of Guanxi on the Entry Mode Choice for Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms in China and Performance in an Imperfect Market
 Yung-ming Cheng、Min-tien Tsai
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579Risk-Averse Multinational Firms and Strategic Trade Policy
 Fang-yueh Chen
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603From Rational to Reflexive: The Transformation and Convergence of the Theory of Public Administration and Administrative Law
 I-ming Liao
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----     Appendix
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