::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 17, Number 01, 2005

----     Cover
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1The Impact of Increasing Insurance Contribution and Co-payment on Equity of National Health Insurance Finance, 2002
 Jen-huoy Tsay、Hong-jen Chang、Pen-jen Wang
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33The Determination and Shadow of Risk Perception for Technological NIMBY Facility: The Nuclear Power Plant II
 Hung-chih Hung
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71Party Politics and Intergovernmental Relations: The Interactions of the Cnetral, Taipei and Kaohsiung Governemtnts from 1995 to 2003 in Taiwan
 Chung-li Wu、Sian- wei Lee
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103Bayesian Inference in Bionomial Logistic Regession: A Case Study of the 2002 Taipei Mayoral Election
 Chia-hung Tsai
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125Religious Tolerance: A Dialogue between Political Philosophy and Theology
 Chengtial Kuo
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159Appling Overseas Chinese Newsletters to the Research on Emigrant's Hometowns (1920s-40s): A Case Study on the Shinging Monthly of Jushan, Kinmen (Quemoy)
 Bo-wei Chiang
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----     Appendix
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