::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 17, Number 03, 2005

----     Cover
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459The Evaluation of Public Science & Technology Projects in Taiwan
 Show-ling Jang、Guo-gung Huang
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491The Economic Incentive Effects of Combined Product Tax and Recycling Subsidy
 Lih-chyi Wen
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521The Processes of "Reciprocal Reproduction" between Medical Institutions and Activities of Hospital in the Case of Active Characteristics of Christian Medical Organizations
 Min-liang Chen
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565Critical Realism and Value Neutrality
 Chiu-yeoung Kuo
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615Some Problems about Aristotle's Concept of Akrasia
 Zhi-hue Wang
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653The Habitus of Feminist Standpoint: An Oxymoron?
 Shiu-ching Wu
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----     Appendix
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----     Written use case
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