::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 17, Number 04, 2005

----     Cover
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683Industry Agglometration and Employment Creation -Evidence from Taiwan's Manufacturing Sector
 Li-yu Chan
 Abstract    PDF    (3.3 MB)   (Downloads: 2432)

715Taiwan's National Pension Planning: An Analysis from New Social Risks Perspective
 Yih-jiunn Lee
 Abstract    PDF    (5.4 MB)   (Downloads: 1564)

671Optimal Export Policy and Competition Strategies
 Ya-po Yang、Hong Hwang
 Abstract    PDF    (2.1 MB)   (Downloads: 1229)

785Between Globalization and Indigenization: On Taiwan's Pinyin Issue from the Perspectives of the New Economy
 One-soon Her
 Abstract    PDF    (4.1 MB)   (Downloads: 1770)

823Optimal Tariff Escalation in the Doha Round of WTO: The Case of Taiwan's Agriculture Industries
 Yungho Weng、Kun-ming Chen、Biing-shen Kuo
 Abstract    PDF    (2.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1193)

853The Flow of the Vote in Japan between 1993 and 1996 House Elections
 Chi Huang、Ding-ming Wang、Ming-feng Kuo
 Abstract    PDF    (3 MB)   (Downloads: 1615)

----     Appendix
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