::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 19, Number 02, 2007

----     Cover
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169Interference without Law and Nonintervention with Law: The Case of the Taiwanese Cable TV Industry from an Institutional Approach (1983-2000)
 Po-fen Tai
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203Women's Housework, Men's Housework: Explanations for the Continuing Gender Division of Housework
 Chin-fen Chang、Yi-hwei Li
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231The Relationship between Closure and Inefficiency: An Analysis of the Closing Policy of the Taiwan Sugar Factories from the Viewpoint of Efficiency
 Hsiao-chien Tsui、Wen-chi Wu
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267Analysis of the Economic Espionage Act in the R.O.C.: Based on the Experience of the U.S.
 Sheng-chen Tseng
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----     Appendix
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