::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 20, Number 01, 2008

----     Cover
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1Making Sense of Issue Position, Party Image, Party Performance, and Voting Choice: A Case Study of Taiwan's 2004 Legislative Election
 Chia-hung Tsai
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25Educational Achievement and the Evaluation of the Nine-year Compulsory Education Policy: The Case of Taiwan
 Yih-chyi Chuang、Wei-wen Lai
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67Gender Analysis of Old-age Payments in Taiwan Areas
 Fen-ling Chen、San-lin Chung
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105Lacan's Ethics of Desire: From Freud's "Primary Masochism" to Zizek's "Going through the Fantasy"
 Hsing-yi Chiang、Chien-kuo Wei
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----     Appendix
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