::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 23, Number 02, 2011

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127The Effect of Replacement Type and Market Competition on Investors’ Reactions to CEO Turnover Announcements
 Hsiao-wen Wang、Ming-cheng Wu
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163Situational Analysis on the Association between Membership Criticality, Loyal Behaviors and Group Dynamics
 Kirk Chang、I-ling Lee、Kuo-tai Cheng
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199“The Issue of Overseas Chinese in Korea” in the Signing of the “Treaty of Amity between the Republic of China and the Republic of Korea”(1952–1964)
 Wang En-mei
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243A Historical and Demographical Analysis of Concubine Marriage in Hsin-Chu Area during Japanese Colonial Rule in Taiwan
 Meng-zhu Zhang、Wen-shan Yang、Ying-chang Chuang
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