::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 24, Number 03, 2012

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285On the Warranted Expectation of Norm Following Outlining an Architectural Integration of Moral, Legal and Political Responsibility from the Perspective of Application Discourse in Discourse Ethics
 Yuan-tse Lin
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331Integrating Breadwinning and Childcare in the Family Policy Formation in Taiwan
 Chih-lung Huang
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367The Determinants of People's Preferences on Redistributive Policies in Taiwan
 Wen-hsueh Chen、Ching-jyuhn Luor
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399The Role of Hospitals and Universities in Share-holding Chains in Family Business Groups: A Dialogue between Institutional and Resource Dependence Viewpoints
 Hsi-mei Chung、Li-hsuan Cheng、Shu-ting Chan、Chia-hui Lin
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