::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 24, Number 04, 2012

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439Exploring Social Mechanisms behind Risky Financial Investments: Social Capital and Participation in Stock Markets and Mutual Funds
 Zong-rong Lee
 Abstract    PDF    (731.4 KB)   (Downloads: 676)

469The Effect of Antidumping Filings: Evidence from Taiwan
 Chia-ching Lin
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497Publicness and Accountability of Quasi-autonomous Non-governmental Organizations in Democratic Governance: The Inspiration for Reinventing the Government-sponsored Non-governmental Organizations in Taiwan
 Way Sun
 Abstract    PDF    (779.9 KB)   (Downloads: 885)

529Social Justice, Politics of Difference, and Communicative Democracy
 Chiu-yeoung Kuo
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575Specters of Revolution: Two “Counter-Radical” Perspectives
 I-chung Chen
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