::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 25, Number 02, 2013

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175Active Ageing and Old-Age Security Systems: A Dialogue between Continental Europe and Taiwan
 Ming-fang Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (1.4 MB)   (Downloads: 1132)

221Cross-border Experiences among Taiwanese: An Analysis of the 2000–2010 Period
 Ming-chang Tsai
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263Imported Inflation and Unemployment
 Tien-wang Tsaur、Jen-ruey Tsaur、Chia-wei Wu
 Abstract    PDF    (957.1 KB)   (Downloads: 853)

307The Impact of Human Capital on Technical Efficiency: Evidence from Taiwan's Manufacturing Industry
 Ching-fu Chang、Jin-tan Liu
 Abstract    PDF    (827.8 KB)   (Downloads: 1163)

345Human Action in Oppressive Structure: The Adjustment and Resistance of Fruit Farmers to the Shift in Human-monkey Relationships at Chaishan in Kaohsiung
 Chin-cheng Ni、Ting-ting Hsueh
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385Editorial Board Report
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