::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 25, Number 04, 2013

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551The Helplessness of Insiders: Guilt by Association in Cases of Illicit Sexual Intercourse and Wife-Selling during the Qianlong Period
 Meng-zhu Zhang
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599The Impact of Taiwan's First Regime Shift on the Prosecutorial System: Appointment and Transfer of Chief Prosecutors of Taiwan High and District Prosecutors Offices during the Ding-nan Chen Period
 Hung-chang Chen、Chin-shou Wang
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647WiMAX License Auction in Taiwan—Technology Policy and Auction Design
 Chinn-ping Fan
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689The Lost Decade: Changing Class Identity and Ideology in Taiwan
 Thung-hong Lin
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----     The Role of Non-cognitive Traits in Higher Education Achievement among Economically Disadvantaged Taiwanese Youths
 Yen-hsin Alice Cheng
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