::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 26, Number 01, 2014

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1An Empirical Analysis of the Democratic Peace and Non-democratic Peace Theses: The Critical Effects of Political Institutional Similarity
 Wen-yang Chang
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41The Virtual Paradox: A Deconstruction Perspective on Cyberspace
 Shih-chian Hung
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63A Non-stopping Competition: The Effects of Summer Activities on High School Students’ Educational Achievements
 Yi-chun Chang
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103Are Antidumping Suits Hurting Taiwan's Downstream Industries?
 Chia-ching Lin
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133Scientific Knowledge and the Politics of Water: The Controversy on the Cishan River Flood Control
 Mei-fang Fan、Miao-lin ZhangJian
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----     Appendix
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