::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 27, Number 01, 2015

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1Theoretical Review and Empirical Test on International Direct Investment: Ignored Factor of Home Country Characteristics in the Literature
 Jiann-jong Guo、Guo-chen Wang
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45The Influences of an Individualized Services Model on the Rights and Obligations of the Unemployed under Workfare Governance
 Chien-hung Lee
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89Democracy and Law in the Post-national Era —Reflections on the Political Thought of Habermas
 Chung-shan Shih
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135The Impact of German Long-Term Care Insurance: 1995–2013
 Pin Wang
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205The Predicament of “Education Squeeze”: An Analysis Using Online Dating Data
 Jung-fu Chang、Tzu-wen Tsai
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 Wen-shan Yang
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 Jung-fu Chang、Tzu-wen Tsai
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----     Appendix
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