::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 28, Number 02, 2016

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----     Editorial Board
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133Does Deliberation Foster Civic Activism? Public Deliberation, Social Capital and Political Engagement
 Kuo-ming Lin
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179Humanitarian Missions after Political Democracy
 Kuo-hsien Hsu
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215Family Relations and the Construction of Masculinity: A Migration Biography of a Fishing Village Man
 Yi-wen Tu、Wen-hui Anna Tang
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259Attorneys versus CPAs: A Study on Performance Difference of Tax Litigation Agents
 Hsiu-feng Lin、Hsiu-feng Lin
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299Is Taiwan's Workforce Underpaid? Evidence from Marginal Product of Labor Estimates at the Company Level
 Tobias Haepp、Ping-Lung Hsin
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333Editorial Board Report
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----     Appendix
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