::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 30, Number 03, 2018

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313Principles, Situations, and the Normativity of Morality
 Hahn Hsu
 Abstract    PDF    (699.4 KB)   (Downloads: 215)

349Pension Liberalisation? Institutional Change of the Japanese Corporate Pension System
 Chung-yang Yeh
 Abstract    PDF    (1 MB)   (Downloads: 230)

395Theoretical Review, Policy Experience and Simulation Study of Spectrum Auction System
 Chinn-ping Fan、Jen-chieh Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (2.1 MB)   (Downloads: 220)

435Factors Determining Differences in Performance between the Large and Medium Chinese Steel Enterprises
 Chia-lin Chang、Wan-wen Chu
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----     Appendix
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