::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 31, Number 02, 2019

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153The Impact of Flood Control Works on Electoral Results: The Case of Kaohsiung
 Chien-Yuan Sher
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187There Will Always Be Forgeries: Situating Forgery Culture in the Chinese Antiques Market
 Yu-Ying Lee
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225Warlord Regime and Body Politics: The Footbinding Liberation Movement of Henan Province under Feng Yuxiang’s Rule and Its Backlash, 1927–1929
 Yen-Wei Miao
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263The Elegy of Structural Vulnerability: Migrant Fishermen’s Working and Health Experiences
 Li-Fang Liang
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301Indigenous Health Promotion and Cultural Sovereignty in Taiwan: The Autonomy of the Jiqi Rehabilitation Center
 Ena Ying-tzu Chang、Hsiang-I Teng
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329Annual report
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----     Appendix
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